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Dansegruppen 12tur

We - ‘Dansegruppen 12tur’ - are a group of Danish folk dancers and musicians, who are fascinated by Danish traditional dances from the period approx. 1750-1850. 

There are hundreds of different dances and tunes to choose from, and like many other dancers in Denmark we like to become acquainted with as many dances as possible for our “everyday use”. Our musicians will give the traditional music their personal touch and sometimes even write new music.

“Dansegruppen 12tur” dancers and musicians are all amateurs. For our shows, we select original dances which we enjoy dancing and believe are worth watching. We add a gentle touch of choreography.

We also do workshops.

Geographically, we come from 
the Danish island
Zealand (Sjælland) ->

We are from the age of 55 
and upwards.

The Costumes:
For the shows we may wear our folk dance costumes. Danish folk dance costumes are handmade copies of original clothing – farmers’ or peasants’ Sunday clothes. They are all different – due to the changes in fashion over time and the regional characteristics. In connection with a show we may, if you wish, give a short presentation with a description of the costumes.

Are you dancers yourselves?

Dansegruppen 12tur would be happy to see your traditional dances and listen to your music.

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Interested in visiting 12tur? 

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